Christine in Words


There’s a war of extremes raging. Until recently there’d usually been room for dialogue: those in the center had far outnumbered the polar extremes. Now the extremists eat their own… when they’re not screaming red-faced at the opposition. And everybody loses, except for those who benefit from the distraction. Nice going.

Having watched us turn ourselves inside out since Vietnam, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t occasionally speak up. The rest of the time I plan to use this space to share things, help a little if I can, and have some fun along the way.  Join me.

Christine D. Beatty

P.S. As part of a massive re-org of my website I pulled the best articles, some going back to the 1990s, from an old subdomain and posted them here as “new” journal entries starting on 02/22/23. Enjoy!