Christine's Facial Feminization Surgery - Healing

June, 2005

Warning: the below links display pictures of me in the days of healing up after FFS. Some of them are quite graphic. These links require Javascript to work.

One day after - still in Greenbaum Hospital

Three days after - at Donna Rose's home

Five days after - still at Casa Donna

Nine days after - finally back in LA

Scalp Staples - pulling me back together

December, 2007

February 1986 (27 years old)
A Tale of Two Photos

Back in 1986 when I first tried to transition, I despaired I would always never be pretty, that I would be too male, that I would never pass as a born (with a vagina) female. Between not having any hope and the barrage of hateful commentary from the world, I first gave up on that transition and I nearly gave up on my life.

I wish I could have sent myself an email from the future (not that we had a real Internet then) telling me to be patient, not listen to the haters and stay strong: I would become a "passable" woman way beyond what I ever dreamed possible. My FFS was the last major step of my transition. All that remained was the facelift I got from Dr. Meltzer in 2008 to tighen up the skin loosened by my FFS in 2005. _______________________________________

May 2009 (51 years old)

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