Christine's Facial Feminization Surgery - Before/After Photos


The Before photos were taken in October 2005, the day before my FFS. The After photos were taken February 2007 using the same camera and lighting setup to allow for a fair comparison. I wish I'd parted my bangs for the 2007 photos, but a close look shows the effects of the scalp advance and brow contouring on my forehead. Click photos to enlarge and compare side by side.
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In these first AP (full-on) photos you can see how dramatically Dr. Meltzer reduced my jaw angle, giving me a much more narrow, feminine face. Also he brought my scalp line about an inch and a half forward, which had the added effect of raising my eyebrows. I'd had my eyebrows thinned by electrolysis in 2006, which improves the overall look.

These lateral photos illustrate how much smaller my forehead is after the surgery. In addition to an inch and a half of scalp advancement, which also greatly reduced an unsightly widow's peak, my forehead is rounder with a more gentle, feminine curve. You can also see how my brows are higher with a feminine arch.

This view also reveals how my reduced jaw makes my whole face look smaller. While it's more of a subtle change, the reduction and tapering of the bony bridge of my nose resulted in a more graceful slope. Because the tip of my nose looks pleasingly like my mother's I asked Dr. Meltzer to leave it as is. Rather than trying to talk patients into work we don't want he is very attentitive to our desires.

These oblique photos give the best overall view of all Dr. Meltzer's work: my smaller, rounder forehead, more shapely nose and radically smaller jaw. It also shows the loose skin and muscle that used to be stretched over my wider jaw. That loose tissue is gathered under my chin, which Dr. Meltzer later tightened up with a full facelift in mid-2008, three weeks after I turned 50 years old.

My first indication of how FFS changed my face was at a party when good friends did not know who I was. My own brother didn't recognize me a year later. I have not knowingly been clocked as a transwoman since my FFS, which used to happen regularly. I can't say enough about Dr. Toby Meltzer, a brilliant surgeon, a caring physician and one of the sweetest gentlemen I have ever known.

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