Christine's Facial Feminization Surgery - Introduction

2005 (47 years)
Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is an advanced and pricey step of transition from male to female, a selection of surgical procedures that minimize or remove male characteristics from the face and neck. While not all transsexual women need FFS, this kind of surgery can help us assimilate better into society.

The three most common areas worked on, those providing the most dramatic change, are forehead, nose and jaw. All three of these areas tend to be more diminutive and refined in genetic females. Re-sculpting the bone underlying these facial features effects a dramatic positive change that soft tissue surgery can not. FFS is highly specialized work practiced by a handful of surgeons. This is one area where the cost of surgery should be of secondary importance to the surgeon's experience with FFS. For more specific information on FFS, a good starting point is Andrea James' Transgender Map website.
2009 (51 years)

I had my FFS with Dr. Toby Meltzer in October, 2005 for a cost under $24,000. Dr. Meltzer had me in surgery for nine and a half hours. I spent two days in the hospital, then two more days at a dear friend's home nearby (thank you so much, Donna!) and the flew home to Los Angeles. These are the major procedures I had on that day.

Brow Contouring/Reduction
Also known as a "Type III" forehead, the anterior (front) wall of the nasal cavity is cut away with a bone saw, reduced and reshaped, and adhered back in place with a high-tech osteo adhesive that seamlessly mineralizes like bone tissue.

Scalp Advancement
My hairline was brought forward to create a smaller, more feminine forehead size and reduce an unattractive widow's peak. This also had the effect of raising my eyebrows a little higher and eliminating forehead lines and wrinkles.

Rear Mandible Reduction
I had a massive, nearly square jawline that Dr. Meltzer aggressively ground down on my rear mandible, significantly reducing the size. I eventually got a facelift to tighten up the loose skin caused by the reduction in jaw size.

Bony Rhinoplasty
Having been fortunate to inherit the tip of my mother's nose, the only part that needed work was narrowing and smoothing out the bump in the bridge of my nose. After FFS it has a gentle little swoop to it.

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