Transsexual and Transgender Information
Frequently Asked Questions

Transsexual? Transvestite? Transgender? What does all this mean?

How can I know which of these labels applies to me or someone I know?

Can these gender issues transsexualism, crossdressing, etc. be cured?

Why are you a transsexual, Christine... or anybody else for that matter?

So, do you like guys or what? Are you gay?

I'm more than reasonably certain I'm a transsexual, so what do I do?

Christine what hormone regimen do you/have you used?

How did you prepare yourself for surgery and SRS in particular?

Christine what about sex? Can you have an orgasm?

Where can I meet a transsexual woman to have sex with her?

What if my question isn't answered in the questions on these pages?
Where can I learn more about transsexualism and gender issues?
Where may I find other resouces? What other cool links do you have?