Transition Basics: Electrolysis

Except for a blessed few, facial hair is a major curse for transsexual women. It is painful, time-consuming and expensive to remove and it looks unsightly for days after it is removed. Furthermore the hair needs to grow out at least an eighth of an inch to give the electrologist a target easy to see and latch onto with tweezers once it's been "cooked." According to Andrea James' respected informational site, aside from some kinds of laser which is isn't permanent for all patients only (properly done) electrolysis permanently removes hair.

The three main kinds are: galvanic (usually multiple-needle), thermolysis and Blend (which combines the two). While people respond differently to these methods I've always found multiple-needle galvanic the least painful and most effective. It cleared my face in five months with almost no regrowth. Badly done thermolysis, on the other hand, hurt worse, had a lot of regrowth and it damaged my skin so badly I needed a chemical peel in 1991.

Total Eradication, One Whisker at a Time
My 1982 Arizona driver's license shows just how bad a problem I'd had. The center photo is from Summer 1989, halfway through my electrolysis and about eight months into HRT. The rightmost snap from April 1991 shows the final result after my face had been fully cleared. Also, the month before I had a chemical peel to erase damage from poorly-done thermolysis before I'd started multi-needle galvanic.

Transition Basics: HRT