Christine's Facial Feminization Surgery - Healing

June, 2005

Warning: the below links display pictures of me in the days of healing up after FFS. Some of them are quite graphic. These links require Javascript to work.

One day after - still in Greenbaum Hospital

Three days after - at Donna Rose's home

Five days after - still at Casa Donna

Nine days after - finally back in LA

Scalp Staples - pulling me back together

December, 2007

February 1986 (27 years old)
A Tale of Two Photos

Back in 1986 when I first tried to transition, I despaired I would always never be pretty, that I would be too male, that I would never pass as a born (with a vagina) female. Between not having any hope and the barrage of hateful commentary from the world, I first gave up on that transition and I nearly gave up on my life.

I wish I could have sent myself an email from the future (not that we had much of an Internet then) telling me to be patient, not listen to the haters and stay strong. I became a "passable" woman way beyond what I ever dreamed possible. My FFS was the last major step of my transition. All that remained was the facelift I got from Dr. Meltzer in 2008 to tighen up the skin loosened by my FFS in 2005. _______________________________________

May 2009 (51 years old)

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