Christine's Cool Stuff Page

This page can best be described as "cool stuff I couldn't figure out where to put and didn't want to bury on my Links page. Snoop around for awhile. Point and click. Nothing can go wrong. (10 points to those who know the 1970s movie that used "nothing can go wrong" as its famous tagline.) I'll keep adding more as I can.

Venus Envy is a web-based comic launched in December 2001. It follows the exploits of transsexual teenager Zoe, her conflicted family, her FTM friend/nemesis Larson, her school chums, dating, etc. and pretty much every conceivable humorous or heartbreaking situation a young transwoman might find herself in. Artist Erin Lindsey has a fine sense of drama and comedy that makes this series well worth perusing for both trans and non-trans folks. I laughed, I cried and I fell in love with it. The very first comic starts right > HERE!

Super Cool Pic Illusion is some of the coolest flash art I have ever seen, a pseudo-3D piece of surrealist art you can travel through with your mouse. Fifteen artists and programmers have melded together a piece that seamlessly curls around back on itself. Just click where it says to start and then drag your mouse up and down to zoom in or pull out. Before you click, hover you mouse pointer over the thumbnail to the left to see a single cropped frame from the work.

What the Bleep Do We Know!? is a movie that literally changed my life. In January of 2006 I was coming off a very bad time, the most depressed I'd been in nine years of sobriety. I fantasized about suicide because I felt like I'd never escape the horrible memories and feelings that haunted me for two decades. On the suggestion of a spiritually wise woman I know, I saw this movie and it made me realize why I'd been so powerless over my feelings. It's a true eyeopener for anyone willing to take a metaphysical journey.