Christine's Beautiful Boys

Charlie, rescued from the street

"Where's my TV remote and beer?"

Mindle, devastatingly cute

12 pound cat in a 5 pound box
I've loved cats all my life and it's been my pleasure to be the Keeper of my two boys since 2002. Notice I didn't say "owner" because nobody owns a cat. As the saying goes, "dogs have owners, cats have staff." How can anyone not be utterly captivated by these sleek, beautiful, graceful and mysterious little beasts?

My two boys, Mindle and Charlie, pretty much picked me out. They were both homeless and living on the street in North Hollywood and Mindle followed me right into the rental house I shared with my bandmate. Once we fed him, he moved in. Charlie used to visit Mindle through the screen door, and when I saw how attached they were, I adopted Charlie off the street as well.

I could fill up this page with cute and quirky things about my boys, especially Mindle, who loves to get under the covers and loves to spin around in the swivel chair in my office and is so fascinated by dripping water he jumps in the shower when I shut the spray off. Charlie is respectful of his mommy's sleep. He has a quiet meow, almost a squeak, he only uses when I'm in bed.

Charlie taking it easy

He knows who's bed it is His

Mindle, feline centerfold