Timeline of Christine's Full Transition

I originally started my transition in July of 1985, rushing in headlong because I was so desperate to make up for all the years I'd wasted trying to be a man. I had no plan and no money, essentially skipped therapy because the first therapist was so negative. I started female hormones with minimal supervision, didn't get labwork done, went to an unskilled electrologist, and rushed into living full-time as a woman.

I reiterate: I was desperate to make up for all the time I'd wasted trying to live as a man.

When society greeted me with ridicule, rancor and bigotry, I used drugs to deal with my angst and the resentment that despite my college training I had to work as a prostitute. Prostitution and heroin were choices, to whatever extent they were truly free choices, and eventually it all fell apart. I detransitioned and then I completely descended into heroin, PCP madness and near-death scrapes.

The second time I did it all properly.

January 1978 - began crossdressing as a fetish only
January 1984 - got married partly in the belief it would "cure" me
April 1984 - read Feinbloom's Transvestites & Transsexuals: Mixed Views
August 1984 - first trip in public en femme to a transgender bar
October 1984 - second trip in public en femme
March 1985 - re-read Feinbloom and strongly identified with TSs this time
May 1985 - left marriage
July 1985 - started hormones and electrolysis; discrimination and ridicule began
December 1985 - complete Computer Science AA degree with Honors
December 1985 - fired from SF housecleaning job when I asked to work as a women
January 1986 - fulltime prostitution, beginning of hardcore addiction w/IV drug abuse
September 1986 - finally detransitioned - addiction deepened
November 1986 - tested positive for HIV, likely due to IV drug abuse
December 1986 - spiral downward starts with PCP blackout, mutilation & arrest
August 1988 - drug rehab after jail, hopeless addiction and numerous heroin overdoses
September 1988 - transsexual desire return strongly after six weeks sober
October 1988 - need to transition intensified, suicide considered
November 1988 - resumed female hormones
December 1988 - resumed thermolysis
May 1989 - hired as "Chris" and started galvanic electrolysis
September 1989 - electrolysis completed
December 1989 - began living and working full time as Christine
June 1990 - breast and cheek implants, went blonde
March 1991 - chemical peel to removed thermolysis scars
May 1991 - orchiectomy after labs revealed liver trouble
September 1991 - cleared for SRS by therapist
Early 1992 - turned down with finality for SRS due to HIV
August 1992 - relapsed after four years sober
January 1993 - sober again for seven months, then began drinking
March 1997 - clean and sober again
Spring 1998 - diagnosed with hepatitis-C (HCV)
September 2001 - found Dr. Toby Meltzer
September 2001 - sent off deposit, health info and labs to Dr. Meltzer
October 2002 - SRS completed 10/31/2002 by Dr. Meltzer
November 2002 - filed paperwork to legally change name and gender
February 2003 - judge signs order changing my legal sex
March 2003 - labiaplasty puts finishing touches on new genitalia
March 2003 - facial laser resurfacing to remove residual thermolysis damage
October 2003 - birth certificate amended to Female and Christine
May 2004 - successfully completed HCV chemotherapy - cured!
October 2005 - FFS (facial feminization surgery) by Dr. Toby Meltzer
June 2008 - full facelift by Dr. Toby Meltzer to finish off my FFS May 2011 - published transition and recovery memoir started in fall 1988