Cosmetic Surgery, June 1990

Back in 1985-86, I grew to hate being "sirred" from those confused by my androgyny and the transphobes. I hating hearing it all over again after I resumed my transition. I'd never sway the haters, but I reasoned having obvious breasts would dispel much of the confusion. I didn't like raiding what I'd saved for my sex reassignment surgery (SRS), but every "sir" was like a slap in the face. With my new job I'd soon rebuild my savings, so I went to a surgeon to fix the most visible aspects of my gender: my face and my bosom.

June 1990 (18 months of HRT)                         October 1990 (all healed up)

Augmentation Mammoplasty (Breast Implants)
The photo to the left shows my breast growth maxed out after 18 months on HRT. Given my height and other ill-effects of post-puberty testosterone, my only hope was surgical enhancement. In June 1990 I hopped on the Greyhound for South Lake Tahoe, CA with my best friend Nola and a $4000 cashier's check. The surgeon put silicone implants under my chest wall muscle using an axiliary (armpit) incision. The post-op care required daily vigorous massage to prevent them from turning hard as rocks. Because I went above and beyond, I had a great result. After nearly 32 years I've had no problems and they're soft and bouncy as ever.

June 1990, with touchup electro                         October 1990 (all healed up)
Malar Augmentation (Cheek Implants)
I also wanted a little more cheekbone definition. After seeing some scary cheek augmentation results in other Tenderloin transwomen, I decided against the common surgery-grade silicone injections and opted for solid silicone implants. Doctor Foster placed these implants atop my cheekbones through gumline incisions inside my mouth. Wanting only a moderate enhancement, not to prominent yet not too subtle, I brought along a photo of Charlie's Angels Jaclyn Smith as a model for the cheekbones I wanted. For only $2000 (atop the cost of my breast implants), much of the masculinization from post-puberty testosterone was greatly softened.

Cosmetic Surgery: Peel & Laser