Transition Basics: HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy)

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) helps neutralize the effects of the male hormones prior to orchidectomy (castration) and starts undoing some of the masculinization that begins at puberty. It is administered via pills, transdermal patches, intramuscular (IM) injection, or by some combination of methods. From July 1985 to September on 1986, I used both injections and, primarily, pills.

My first year back (1989) combined IM shots and Premarin pills. From January 1990 until May '91 I took only oral hormones: Estinyl, Provera and Premarin. Still undetected hepatitis-C slowly sent my liver function tests (LFTs) to dangerous levels and forced me to discontinue HRT. I immediately had an orchidectomy (castration) so that testosterone wouldn't undo thirty months of feminization.

HRT progression from November 1988 until May 1991, plus post-orchidectomy photo

Nov 1988 - 2 weeks

Apr 1989 - 5 months

May 1991 - 30 months

Jan 1992 - 8 months after orchi

Misadventures with Peer-"prescribed" Hormones
After I was cured of hepatitis-C I resumed Delestrogen in 2005, giving myself IM shots every two weeks. For a month I foolishly followed the online advice from transwomen who preach that most doctors are not to be trusted with trans HRT. Due to the perilously high dose of HRT these transwomen "prescribed" to me, I nearly missed my FFS surgery date when my LFTs shot through the roof. See the section content "HRT Warning" for more information.

Transition Basics: Electrolysis