Hepatitis C Survivor (1986 onward)

In 1986 I became infected with the hepatitis-C virus (HCV) from IV drug use. Hep-C is a virus that can lead to liver failure and/or cancer. Within two years my liver function tests (LFTs) began showing signs of disease. By 1991 it was severe enough to discontinue my transition hormones, which required drastic measures of me. By 1997 my LFTs had gotten so bad I had to stop drinking, but the HCV still progressed. Finally, in June of 2003, I began Interferon chemotherapy to eradicate my HCV and was free of the disease a year later. This page has information about HCV and my recovery from it. Note that in 2011, the picture got much brighter for HCV patients: the new medications were far less unpleasant than my experience. Anyone with HCV may be grateful for that!

What is hepatitis-C?

How does someone—did you—get HCV?

How was your HCV cured, Christine?

What are human blood cell counts?

What was Christine's Interferon treatment like?

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